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Women Empowerment

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

We have come across many inspiring stories of women during our journey and it only makes us want to do more for them. We have kick-started several projects and have many plans in the pipeline to empower women and help them in every way.

• We have conducted various free skill development courses for women who are associated with self-help groups formed under the huge Raigad Zilla Mahila Bachatgat Sakshamikaran Foundation. The skill-training workshops included tailoring, beauty treatments, jewellery-making, cooking and candle-making.

•  For example, a tailoring unit was set up at Veshvi village with the support of RCF. Through this course, the women not only fulfilled their basic need of clothing but also made additional income. 80 % of the beneficiaries started earning between Rs.2000 to Rs.2500 per week from stitching and altering garments like frocks, petticoats, salwaar kameez and tops for girls and nappies for kids. This also helps them develop self-confidence.

•  For a brief period, we ran the Project Anandi which was meant to uplift the spirits of the rural underprivileged women by taking them on a short trip to Mumbai. The program was specifically designed for Asha workers, widows, and financially struggling women whose family income was below 1 lakh. A group tour used to be arranged and some fun activities held so that they feel the little joys of life and see life beyond the four walls of their home and family worries. For them, traveling with friends and community is a special wish that is fulfilled.

•  On World Menstrual Hygiene Day (year), we distributed sanitary pads to 400 women living in slums and conducted awareness seminars about menstrual hygiene.

•  We organize fairs where self-help groups can participate and get market for their products.

• Through our initiative, Bharari (fly high), we conduct seminars for the girls about self defence, hygiene and career guidance.