Events - Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

Academic kit distribution with M2M Ferries


In collaboration with M2M Ferries , CFTI distributed 120 academic kits  to the students from various vernacular medium schools fr…

Bicycle donation with NPCIL, Tarapur


In collaboration with NPCIL , Tarapur we distributed 250 bicycles to the adivasi girls in Palghar district. Savitrichya Leki Chala…

Bhoomi Pujan of Basketball Court in Pondicherry


We performed the Bhumi Pujan of the basketball court in Pondicherry. which we are about to build in collaboration with GIC. This c…

Bicycle donation with NPCIL, Women's day special


This Women's Day was extra special for us. In collaboration with NPCIL, CFTI distributed bicycles to the adivasi girls studyin…

Bicycle donation in Pune district


CFTI distributed 140 bicycles to the girls from Khadki, Manchar, Chandoli, Gawdewadi. These are villages in Pune district. Many fa…

School infrastructure assessment in Jaitapur


CFTI team did an assessment of the schools' physical infrastructure in Jaitapur, Raigad. We will conclude our survey soon.

Bicycle donation with NPCIL, Palghar district


CFTI in collaboration with NPCIL, distributed 200 bicycles to the adivasi girls from the Z.P. Schools in Tarapur of Palghar Distri…

Donation of benches with ECGC, Vizag


In collaboration with ECGC, we have distributed 200 benches to the remote schools in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Hoping these benches w…

Bicycle donation with Atlas Copco India, Ratnagiri district


Together with Atlas Copco India , we distributed 200 bicycles to the girls in Savarda in Ratnagiri district. They used to walk mor…