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Skill Development

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

We at CFTI believe and understand that if one woman is working, she not only saves herself from the vices of gender inequality but she also supports her family. So we have conducted various free skill development courses for women who are associated with self-help groups formed under the huge Raigad Zilla Mahila Bachatgat Sakshamikaran Foundation. The skill-training workshops included tailoring, beauty treatments, jewellery-making, cooking, candle-making and papad-making.

Over the years, CFTI has learned that tailoring is a profession which can be taught to most women because -

• Easy to learn for any woman irrespective of their education. 
• It has nothing to do with climate, caste, creed or geography.
• Many women prefer tailoring to working as a housemaid or a housekeeping staff in cottages, and hotels. 
• In this profession, women do not have to go out for work. They can work at their own convenient timings and also manage their daily domestic chores.

One basic course of tailoring includes (stitching a blouse, dress, petticoat, kids' wear, handbags, shirts etc.). So the benefits of the free course are -
• Additional income for the family and support to children’s education 
• Decision making power in family matters 
• Respect and self-confidence, higher self-esteem 
• Ability to start a small local business with the co-operation of others 
• At the society level, they contribute to significant improvement in female labour force participation rate.

Eventually, CFTI realized that training alone can not make women financially empowered. They must be given a channel to generate income. Therefore, CFTI gave each woman a sewing machine for free to start her own business. This means an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur and gaining financial stablity. CFTI has completed training for the first batch of 50 women successfully.