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Rural Education

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

India’s literacy rate is 77.7%, of which, urban India accounts for 84.1% rate and rural India is only at 67.7%. Several factors are at play for rural children missing out on holistic education. Some of them being lack of resources, poor availability of schools, financial condition, poor transportation, etc.

Education is our primary service area and it is our aim to make education available even in the remotest areas. In our effort to ensure that each child is able to learn, grow and live a good life, we have so far:

• Awarded scholarship to 1258 students from various grades i.e. from kindergarten to post graduation

• Constructed 93 classrooms for various rural schools

• Donated 83 computers to various rural schools

• Donated academic kits consisting of a school bag, textbooks, note books, compass box, pen, school uniforms, shoes, umbrella, tiffin box, water bottle and writing pads to 1,250 underprivileged rural students

• Donated 700 tabs to underprivileged students to continue education during the Covid 19 pandemic. This is an ongoing project.

• Children from the tribal community face tougher situations to even get primary education. We put together an academic kit and distributed it to 60 tribal children.

• We also provided 125 benches to various schools to ensure students have the perfect setting of a school. We are in the process of identifying more schools that need benches.

• We started our campaign Savitrichya Leki Chalalya Pudhe for the underprivileged girls so that they can commute to school easily without any worries. We have so far donated over 20,000 bicycles to them so that they can continue their education.