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Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

Health-care facilities in rural India still remain inaccessible to many underprivileged people and low-income groups. We aim to provide health-care facilities to those deprived of quality and timely health-care services. We have undertaken several projects in rural India and have conducted help-drives in urban areas as well.

• Donated one ambulance each to Shreegaon and Nhave with the support of Survival Technologies Private Limited.

• We have supported medical expenses for people undergoing chemotherapy, and requiring breast cancer and leg amputation surgery.

• Distributed sanitary pads to women living in Dharavi slums and conducted awareness seminars about menstrual hygiene.

• Through Project Drishti, we organise eye check up camps and distribute free spectacles to the elderly. We have also financially assisted in cataract surgeries for some.

• Set up dental and bone density check-up camps, and conducted dental health seminars in various schools.

• Hundreds of cancer patients have benefitted under our Immediate Grants Relief Program.

Covid Care

We set-up and operated a full-fledged 100-bed care centre in Alibaug in just two weeks. The centre is equipped with:

• 400+ beds

• 23 oxygen concentrator machines

• 27 oxygen cylinders

• Free medicines and consultancy

• PPE kits and N95 masks for staff and patients

• Free meals (breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner) for patients and staff

• Distributed 500 free meals per day to patients in other hospitals and in other lockdown-affected areas

• Successfully treated 600 patients with no deaths reported

• Free Covid-19 vaccination drive benefiting over 8,000 people and still counting

• Donated 15 ICU-bed units to the District Civil Hospital, Raigad, of which 5 are pediatric ICU beds with advance equipment, portable X-ray machine

• Donated ambulance to tribal villages in Raigad district

• Conducted cataract operation camp

• Donated 105 beds to various Covid-19 care centres in Maharashtra

• Donated 16 advanced oxygen concentrator machines

• Donated 33 oxygen cylinders

• Donated 100 oximeters

• Donated 75 infrared temperature guns

• Supported individuals for surgeries and medicines

Along with this, during the phase 1 and 2 of Covid-19 pandemic, we also actively:

• Distributed 2 ventilators to District Civil Hospital Raigad. As per data, till now over 1,000 patients were benefited from these ventilators

• Donated 200 advanced fumigation pumps in the coastal villages of Maharashtra

• Donated 5Mt. Sodium Hypochlorite for fumigation of 200 villages

• Fumigated 200 villages during Covid-19 phase 1 and 2

• Distributed 400 N95 masks in Parvati slum area (Pune), Dharavi slum (Mumbai) and in Raigad District

• Distributed 700 PPE kits to frontline workers

• Distributed more than 12,000 dry grocery kits in Pune, Dharavi and coastal Maharashtra

• Innumerable Covid-19 infected patients were losing their lives due to the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. We urgently created an oxygen bank to meet the emergency requirement of the same. Even today, CFTI provides oxygen concentrators to those in need without any charges.